Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Police Banning Blogs?

Will mentioning the name, Brendan Sokaluk, cause Evil Melon to be banned?  Not only is this guy a potential arsonist but he also seems to be accused of holding child pornography.  That's two monsterisms in one, he must be the devil incarnate ... I wonder if I rearranged the letters in his name if I'd get a derivative of 666 ... In any event, I could certainly do with the traffic that the attention of a banning can bring to a website - I may have been a bit lapse in keeping up with a running commentary on my life and the bits and pieces of the world which amuse me but I don't recall free speech being banned in this country yet.  I know net censorship is on the cards but those laws haven't been passed yet or have they?  However, I absolutely must agree with keeping private details off limits - vigilantism is not a sign of an enlightened society - this is not the UK, last I remember it was the courts and not the media who decide whether someone is guilty and the punishment is meted out by the justice system and not thugs who've nothing better to do.  

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