Sunday, 15 February 2009

I Will Fear No Evil

Despite having rain put off one of my cycling events for the weekend - the SCC time trial which I was probably not up to having been cancelled by overzealous administrators - it would take more than a hangover to cancel a bit of blatant exhibitionism. My second round of cycling themed body art took a very similar look to my last - almost exactly the same as my last in fact, but this time with a bunch of other people. Riding from Kensington to Maroubra with a bunch of half naked cyclists covered in rainbow coloured paint is not everybody's cup of tea for a Sunday afternoon but it beats sitting around the house watching a DVD box set of an American cop show. I did that on Saturday. Lots of painted boobies - some pert, some pendulous and a rather enjoyable ride home. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid at the art work so I'd say it was successfully done.

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