Sunday, 6 July 2008

Older or Younger

Time comes and time goes but some things stay the same - finally managed to catch up with my young Slovakian cousin who's having a bit of an international trip down this neck of the woods - the pre-organised Supper Club gig proved to be a somewhat suitable venue for checking out the music of times gone by, whilst the clientele may have proved to be a somewhat older demographic the music would have to be some of the better stuff I've been exposed to by my ladyfriend.  Mr Bridie may have been greying a little but his voice is still unmistakably Australian rock and what better way of exposing a Slovakian to the cultural benefits of God's country than that.  Annoying coked up homosexuals aside it was a fine night on the town and it was almost worth the next day's hangover to experience it.  Puck got his first real workout (sans me) although I was a little disappointed with the handlebar issue that continues to plague his perfection - there's got to be a way of sorting this out but whether it happens sooner or later I know that as long as I know his limitations he'll be fine.

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