Monday, 25 February 2008

The Next Step

Up until 25 February - Skipping back and forth across town makes Sax an interesting boy but it also makes it harder for him to find the time and energy to devote to his blogging duties - surviving on the confidential side as is my wont and trying to focus on the alternatives - discovered some new beauties in the local drinking scene - I'll never have to even consider the CockNBull as a viable place for sustenance again - and, if I play my cards right, I may be able to avoid the dread of the Junction altogether.  As I'm still awaiting the crucial bits and pieces to put the new velocipede together (Puck?  a gentlemanly name as any) I'm still having to maintain the old girls - Bontrager's are no better than any of the alternative tyres I've experimented with and when they holed up at the last minute on the way home I felt drastic things were required.  After all, the two snazzy new Maxxis Detanators were just taking up space so I felt they could find a new home on the girl - unfortunately, with a brake in the way it just wasn't going to work so there was only one thing for it and off it went.  Not the tyre.  Have barely touched the lever for quite some time but there's still a feeling of nerves when you're cruising along with one level of protection removed.  It does feel kind of cool though - and it looks very slick. 
Did an early morning Saturday commuter recon by kayaking into Darling Harbour - another potentially hair brained scheme (but what a scheme!) with some very large boats with very bad steering and stopping power - an interesting alternative for transport but one that the lone ranger seemed determined to thwart with moans about the dangers and the legalities of actually being allowed to get anywhere near my work place via water.  I've heard some dissenting views on this so I won't be giving up on this one just yet.  Obnoxiousness and alcohol made for an interesting weekend - saw some good films and saw some very good films (I think) but got a little bored near the end.  Got to stay on top of things.

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