Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Hipster Doofus

11 - 14 February - After the glories of the week's end fate decided to catch up with me in the form of an Audi (or was it a Saab) who's blind spot I managed to find myself in.  How one can be in the blind spot when one hits the front bumper I'm not exactly sure but enough damage caused to cause reasonable upset; not a huge amount of damage to my own self although this was difficult to judge as I was still recovering from the strains of Sunday's ocean voyages.  A subsequent slide out once I got back on Chevette also didn't help and for the first time in a long time I found myself nursing a series of bruises and injuries.  The automobile savaging made me think it was probably not the best idea to participate in a late notice alley cat and I was very surprised to find almost half the field was taken up by a vast collection of hipsters (, where the hell did they come from?  I've seen them around in various quantities and forms but man, that's a lot of pimped out fixies.  I don't know if I approve (and I really don't think Mr Small But Doughty approves either).  Found myself in a time warp or a space shift or some other dimensional travelling.  Am getting a vision of what the new bicycle may look like once constructed which is good but I'm hoping the Monday's outing will not prove to be an acceleration of the end of the trusty lady who has been my steed for so long.  On the subject of things breaking - the Macbook isn't faring too well with the rolling beach ball of death devolving to the even more sinister question mark folder of death.  What am I going to do?

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