Thursday, 24 March 2005

Thank God for the conservatives ...

I shouldn't be surprised to read Miranda Devine's latest op ed piece although I'm staggered by her arrogance and idiocy once again.  The government has softened its stance on asylum seekers; that's great – who do we have to thank for this?  Conservatives. 

The government has just issued a new form of visa that will allow some of the immigrants who are lawfully (but immorally) locked up to live in Australia (at least until we can justify a reason for kicking them out).  It's taken five years for the Liberal party to realise that indefinitely locking up illegal immigrants is wrong and now that they've learned the errors of their ways they should be thanked.  Why the change in perspective?  Australian industry needs these desperate people to do the jobs that Australians won't do (we can exploit them) and Muslims who convert to Christianity will be persecuted if they go back to their theocratic countries (why do you think any of these people left their own countries?).  Too little; too late.  Everyone from the human rights watch to the UN has been telling us this for years.  If you want to thank anyone for this Australia-wide change in perspective why don't you consider the thousands of protesters and lobbyists who've been conducting a grass-roots and pointed campaign that shows the sheer inhumanity of Australia's policy on asylum seekers.  It's great that some are being freed but there are still far too many who are not and I'm not going to praise anyone for doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.


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