Monday, 20 June 2011

Last Night In Sydney

Last episode of Game of Thrones is coming down way too slowly - looks very likely that I'll be heading to Mumbai with only dreams of the visuals. I'm supposing its a good thing I've caught up (and overtaken) the ups and downs in the lands of the Seven Kingdoms.
I'm not really sure why I feel a slight guilt with leaving work stuffs behind but as only a rationalist can rationalise ... I'm really not that important when all is said and done, life will go on, SIOs will accumulate and marketing campaigns will do whatever the hell that marketing campaigns tend to do (nobody has told me what the fucking call to action is yet).
All i really need to do is work out which t-shirts will truly represent me over the next two and a half weeks and hope that all the antibodies that have been injected into my body can hold off the Solanum which is undoubtedly waiting for me on the other side. Huzzah.

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