Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Caveat Emptor!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Not telling
Date: Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Apartment on [domain.com.au] 185 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007 -$300 p/w
To: Gary Keven <auslong@hotmail.com>

Hi Gary


I'm actually going to be in Milan later this week.  


Can you give me your address over there and we can meet and I can grab the keys from you over there.






On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Gary Keven <auslong@hotmail.com> wrote:

Obviously we need a way to complete this deal that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after. I have found a way for us to complete the deal safe and fast, and in this way you will receive the Keys in less than 2 days, if you  move fast as well. The solution is provided by a company called TNT which is similar to Fedex, DHL or UPS, which will handle the payment and delivery of the Keys.
    I have found a procedure that will allow us to make a fast and safe deal and through this way you will see it and decide if you will stay in the apt or not before I receive my payment. Please click on the link bellow to the TNT website to see how we can complete the deal safely and fast directly from the website of the company where the procedure is explained:

  Let me know if you are interested please because I really need to take care of this matter by the end of the next week.

On 3/8/2010 9:11 AM, ME wrote:

Hi Kevin


I am still looking but i would like to see the place before I sign any agreement.


Can you confirm the apartment number?





On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 3:51 AM, Gary Keven Long <auslong@hotmail.com> wrote:



I still have the apartment for rent. But i am presently on transfer from my place of work to Milan/Italy to head our branch over there (I have the keys with me).
I hope you are still interested and we can make the deal happen right away.
Obviously we need a safe way to complete this deal that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after.I have found a way for us to complete the deal fast (2 days) and easy. The solution is a worldwide delivery company called TNT. TNT is similar to FedEx, DHL or UPS and they will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the Keys.With this procedure you will be able to check the apartment before I receive the payment. http://www.tnt.com/express/en_gb/site/home/services.html
Like I said, I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the KEYS and LEASE AGREEMENT right away.
Let me know what you think.
Thank you!


BJ Jafari said...

Hah, dealt with the same guy.

He used a different email address and suggested Royal Mail.

Ended up getting an email from http://www.world-royalfreight.com which is a fake site, redirects to Royal Mail (Brittains Postal Service) if you hit any of the buttons.

Anonymous said...

This guy has a place up for rent in QLD at the moment and I googled him. Your entry came up. I had a funny feeling he was trying to scam people and I'm glad my suspicions have been confirmed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought this guy was a scam!
He's renting a place in NSW on gumtree.com at the moment. He's sending through Royal Mail.
I googled him, this site came up. Thanks!

S said...

Actually, I flew to milan , met with him, got the keys and now have a beautiful ultimo apartment!
Some people are so overly suspicious.