Friday, 13 March 2009

It's about time a song was written about the City of Villages ...

From Chicago to Boston
To Toronto to Mexico to Prague
There have been ships that I've crossed in
From the majestic mountains of Canada
To the thick London . . . Fog

Belize and LA.
San Fran and Singapore
I guess I'm popular
I'm such a fagabond
A regular, globe-trotting cabaret whore . . .

Of all those wond'rous places
That I have come to see – b
Who'd a thought my world-wide tour
Would crap me out . . .
Here in . . .

On the shores of ol' Black wattle
Everybody drains a bottle
Ain't it fun to get pissed here in . . . Glebe?

You can walk into the city
Through parts pretty and parts shitty
Where from? Right here in . . . Glebe!

I could climb the Eiffel tour
Go to Berlin where the kraut is sour
But there's no place that I'd rather be - b
Than here with you
Here in . . . Glebe!

Glebe . . . An area of land belonging to the church doled out to the peasants for farming, houses, shops, factories . . . And evidently lots of drinking! You people are fish down here! And I love it!

There's a market on the weekend
Tons of houses past their peek and
It happens all here in . . . Glebe.

There are tracks for dogs and horses
And drunk students flunking courses
Yes! All right here in . . . Glebe!

Sure, I could get a tan in Rio
Go to the Nile to visit Cleo
But there's no better place in Oz, I guarantee – b
Then being here with you . . .
Here in . . . Glebe!

I could . . .
Go to Kentucky to drink a julep
Head off to Holland to pick a tulip
But I'm likin' it here at the old AB – b

Just wasting an hour with you
Sculling a beer or two
Getting all queer with you
Here in Gle-e-e-eb!

Just singing this song for you
Humping a leg or two
Getting faced-on-my-ass here with you

Here in glebe!

Sure I could
Visit the wall in china
Explore Madonna's . . . Ancient vagina
But there's no place that I'd rather be – b

Than here with you . . .
Here . . .
In . . .

Everyone . . . And in harmony!


Music by Dennis T. Giacino
Music & lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino & Fiely A. Matias

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