Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sacrificial lambs on the altar of fashionable eating - Opinion -

A truer statement I have seen but this is definitely picking up on a few points.  I'm firmly in the Mr Pink category of the tipping philosophy.  I don't mind shelling out a bit extra when the service is very good but I despise most vehemently deceptive pricing.  If a restaurant imposes a booking fee or surcharge on top of the bill then they should outright say that it's an extra charge and not a service fee.  I expect any financial transaction to be done professionally - good service should not be rewarded it should be expected.  If a company wants to rip off their staff and force them to survive on their gratuities then it should be publicly stated and their prices should be reduced accordingly.  I have no problem with a public holiday surcharge - it's a common addition and all restaurants should be paying their staff penalty rates anyway - their costs are higher so their prices can be higher.  Likewise, a corking charge for licensed premises is also fair enough - Australia is one of the few places in the world where BYO exists - but to sneak in extra costs of a few dollars here and there and still have the expectation of tipping?  Why even have prices on the menu when there will be no relation to what's actually paid?
Don't get me started on the Canadian anomaly of not including the two (2!!!!) service taxes plus tip that get added on to everything bill over there.

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